Sponsor - AWF The official website for sponsorship of The Autonomous Womyn's Front.


The Autonomous Womyn's Front is always looking for organization sponsors, and assistance with resources. 

But something we need the most, that is most vital for our growthare sponsors. People who can donate substantial amounts of money to our group to support its presence, media, actions, and community organization. Sponsors are often gifted merchandise and memorabilia as a small "thank you" from the organizers of AWF.

Our presence is a direct result of the communities of those who are marginalized, screaming to have the right and will to their own lives and to answer to only those whom they deem fit to lead themeven if they deem that person to be only themselves. 

We are an anarcha-Feminist group composed of queer and trans Womyn of color who have been captured, collared and leashed by violent system(s) that dehumanizes and commodifies us. We have faced forced assimilation, cultural erasure, and the suppression of our identities.

We seek to dismantle and destroy these, but we can't do it without the support of our community. Please feel free to browse the site and consider sponsoring The Autonomous Womyn's Front.