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About Us

The Autonomous Womyn's Front (AWF) is a direct-action anarcha-Feminist organization dedicated to vocalizing the struggle for decolonization and the results of it. Attacking poverty, discrimination, criminalization, oppression and non-consensual hierarchical leadership.

As queer and trans womyn of colour we are reorganizing our individual sisters and communities. Even today's special interest groups have no intention of addressing our issues, or our struggles so we see fit to do this ourselves.

Our politics are defined by our initiatives to:

  • Stigmatize hyper-consumerism.
  • Dismantle capitalism and the atrocities birthed by it.
  • Destroy sociopolitical barriers that limit access to resources and our exercise of individual autonomy.
  • Stigmatize commonly traditional forms of discrimination, such as transphobia, heterosexism, xenophobia, ableism, conventional "normativity", etc.
  • Dismantle nonconsensual forms of authority such as centralized governments and representative democracy.

  • Decolonize our communities, and pursue the restoration of indigenous peoples and communities of non-European persons.
  • Resist and decriminalize poverty and class-warfare.
  • Decriminalize and defederalize all forms of sex work including pornography, prostitution, and other sexual services.
  • Resist gentrification.
  • Create initiatives to make access to financial stability & housing more consistent and reliable.

We are building a network of sponsors who can support our universal grassroots effort to organize our community and to help us create better lives as well as access to resources for those who are often ignored and left behind in the arena of political fuckery, privilege and supremacy. It took the community to create this, and it will take the community to help us continue to build.

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