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The official website for sponsorship of The Autonomous Womyn's Front.

Sponsoring Us

The Autonomous Womyn's Front is looking for sponsors to provide transportation and financial support to our organization.

We make sponsorship easily accessible to our communities to assure you that we are here because of you. We don't want the blood money of corporations and other atrocities like them, to believe they can influence our group to aide them in their continuous crimes against the living beings of Mother Earth.


Donating Money

Donating money is the best way to support AWF, in the sense the funds can be used for any activity pursued by any branch of the group.

Donating Books & Clothing

Donating books and clothing is a good way to assist with anti-poverty and class-based discrimination resistance.

Amazon Wishlist

We put the things we need most on our Amazon Wishlist. Every branch creator has access to their own list which will be accessible on that branches official website.


Volunteering is a good way to spread the word about AWF and a great way to get people interested.

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